Jaime Luis Villegas

March 16 2016
Jaime Luis Villegas Jaime Luis Villegas

The IT industry has given me adequate technical skills to begin my career with, but at some point I needed to hone my management and soft skills to have a balanced skill set, which ultimately led me to undertake an MBA. Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) delivers its program through either coursework or research while giving students the flexibility to choose units to take at their own preference. One of the best things about the course is that it is very engaging with a good mix of theory and real-world experiences. 

I acquired my Bachelor of Information Technology for my undergraduate studies and worked as a Technical Consultant while serving solution-based recommendations and project implementations for large financial institutions, retail, telecommunications and healthcare companies. Although I have yet to complete my MBA, I could easily tell that MGSM’s MBA experience is truly a fruitful endeavour for aspiring people who want to build on their careers.

MGSM’s structure of having 40 contact hours a week allows its students to do a part-time job. Despite the common misconception that it is mostly school work, the institution actually encourages out-of-school activities to build their networks and communication skills, especially in the workforce.  For aspiring people who want to undertake an MBA, MGSM requires three years minimum of work experience. This ensures that everyone who participates has a certain level of professional background that will make each class highly diversified.