What to do after completing your MBA

After the wild ride that is an MBA has drawn to a close and your graduation certificate is framed and hanging on the wall, deciding what to do with your new qualification can be a difficult task. With a new set of highly sought after skills at your disposal, it can be daunting to choose which direction to follow. Take a look at our suggestions for what to do with life after an MBA to help you plot your next step.

Consider mentoring or teaching

With a new skill set and a wealth of knowledge at your disposal, why not take the opportunity to share your MBA nous with others? Scope out mentoring programs, speaking opportunities or advisory positions to impart your business know-how on students and MBA aspirants.

Consult your network

One of the benefits of an MBA is that you gain an impressive network from it, equipping yourself with contacts including fellow alumni, mentors and other professionals. Utilise this resource post-graduation to explore potential career and business leads.

Explore unexpected career options

While continuing with your current organisation is seen as the norm for most graduates, ensure that your company’s professional development prospects reflect the opportunities provided by your newfound qualification. Don’t feel that you have to stay with traditional post-MBA paths to maintain the status quo; you could start a business in an area you’re passionate about, or look for work in areas such as the government or non-for-profit groups.


Donating your time and skills to a non-for-profit organisation not only gives you the opportunity to hone your skills, it also allows you to undertake some feel-good work towards a worthy cause. Undertaking altruistic work allows you to share your knowledge to help make a positive difference to the world.

Take a break

Balancing work, family and life in general with an MBA is hard work. After graduation, why not give yourself some well-earned time off? Finally take that holiday that you’ve been putting off for the past few years, or spend some quality time with your family and friends. Just because your life has been hectic for the duration of your MBA, doesn’t mean that it has to be now!

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