Nine of the best apps for MBA students

Business-quality software used to mean spending hundreds of dollars for applications that would only work on a laptop or a desktop computer. Today, there are thousands of top-quality apps that run on your phone, giving you power and accessibility that you could only dream of in the past. This means that staying organised and efficient when studying and working in the business-world is made easier than ever before. Below are some of our favourites for looking and feeling professional, whatever the situation. 



With a 24/7 news cycle, it can feel impossible to find the stories you need to know about. Funnel and Flipboard are two apps that make it simple to stay on top of current events. Funnel streams from audio sources like NPR, BBC News, CBC and more, while Flipboard uses a magazine-style layout to collate stories across hundreds of sources, that match your predetermined criteria.  

Flipboard is available for both Android and iOS, while Funnel is exclusive to iOS.


Social networking is more than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. LinkedIn is the social network for professionals, where people can build professional connections and promote their businesses and themselves. It is used by jobseekers to showcase their skills and acts as an online résumé for recruiters to browse. 

The LinkedIn apps is available for both Android and iOS and in addition to the standard freemium plan, it offers several tiers of paid access with increased functionality.  

4.The Great Courses Plus


Commuting and being busy are no longer excuses for not spending some time learning. The Great Courses 2.0 has many fascinating lectures from university professors and other experts. TED talks have become synonymous with slick presentations about fascinating and often super-niche areas of interest. Both apps make it possible to put your downtime on the train, tram or bus to better use. 

Both apps are available for Android and iOS devices. 


Managing a to do list can be just as time consuming as the tasks themselves. Todoist is an intuitive system that links between desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones seamlessly, with the user doing little more than installing the program and making lists. Set reminders, leave comments, tag other users, and demarcate between personal and professional lists clearly in the same app. 

Todoist is available for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. 

7.Google Drive, 

8.Google Docs 

9.Google Sheets

The Google suite of products make collaboration easy. Multiple users can edit and save a single document or spreadsheet concurrently, without worrying about lost information. Docs and Sheets are both fully functioning, web-based applications that sync to a user’s Drive account. From there, documents and spreadsheets can be easily share among colleagues, as well as backed up on a local hard drive for complete confidence and security. 

Available for macOS, Windows, Android, iOS and almost every internet browser. 

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