Meet Julie – MBA graduate!

Why did you choose toembark on an MBA?

I was working in more product/brand roles and really wantedto change direction into a more business management-based role. I didn’t feel that myFashion Design undergraduate degree was going to get me there and saw an MBA asa course that would help me achieve that.

What were the bestelements of your MBA course?

The people I met,  teachers who for the most part werepracticing professionals in their field, studying in Paris and Hong Kong, andjust how much it exposed me to what I didn’t even know existed.

What have you learntthat you didn’t expect? Are there any surprises?

I enjoy and seem to be good at finance and am not very goodat marketing. Good to know seeing as my previous role was marketing.

Has your MBA helpedyou achieve your goals?

Career wise it has absolutely opened up opportunities thatwould not have existed had I not done it. Personally, it led me to opportunities I hadn’t imagined like studyingin Paris on exchange for four months. I also wouldn’t have moved to Melbournewhere I met my now husband had I not done my MBA.

What advice would yougive to students considering a MBA?

Make sure you choose a reputable course, make the most ofopportunities such as exchange programs and if you are going into an MBAexpecting to be handed a promotion and pay rise on graduation, then you areprobably doing it for the wrong reasons.

Do the financialbenefits of an MBA outweigh the costs?

In the long run it has for me, but that should not be theonly reason for doing it. There are other ways to earn a buck without thestress of study.

How did you choosethe right business school/institution for you?

For me it was important it was a course I could do whilstworking and it needed to be internationally recognised, which left AGSM andMelbourne Uni as the front runners.  Iwas living in Sydney at the time, so AGSM was the obvious choice. Having acampus in Hong Kong I could do a subject at and the exchange program wereinteresting, but not a reason for picking the school. However, they ended upbeing amazing experiences so definitely something to look out for when choosinga school.

Anything else you’dlike to share about the experience?

My MBA was a life changer for me in so many ways and if Icould go back in time I would make the same decision to do the course everytime.

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