Our MBAs stand global test, say corporate leaders

For anyone considering whether an MBA is worth pursing inAustralia, it might be a good idea to take a look at the QSTopMBA Jobs & Salary Trends Report 2016/2017.  When it comes to the highest MBA salaryaverages (in US dollars), Australia is the world leader at $108,250, beatingout the United States ($100,714), Canada ($92,500), Ireland ($92,125) andUnited Kingdom ($91,600).

This is a tremendous coup for business schools in thiscountry, demonstrating the high quality of education and the preparedness ofour MBA graduates. These results aren’t exactly unprecedented; Australia hasfeatured prominently in the QS salary trends in recent years, coming in atsecond in 2014/2015 and third in 2015/2016.

There are several reasons why Australian grads areattracting such lucrative salaries in post-MBA employment, one of which is the standardof teaching. In fact, according to Telstra and Stockland director NoraScheinkestel, Australian institutes feature “world-class faculties”.

The element of mentoring within specific programs is also afactor, with some small, specialised courses including a senior mentor andcatering to those who want to focus on improvement from both a professional andpersonal perspective.

To find out more about how Australian MBA recipients matchup against their international equivalents, read on..


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