Ledion Mecollari — international student adviser and MBA graduate

Why did you choose toembark on a Master of Business Administration?

I think to challenge myself and challenge what I did learnthrough my studies and work experience at that stage.

Where did you study?

At Victoria University in Melbourne

What were the bestelements of your course?

I believe that the MBA program, and studying in general, opensyour mind, broadens your horizons and that is the best value that I receivedfrom studying at Victoria University.

What have you learntthat you didn’t expect? Are there any surprises?

I enjoyed all the subjects, but I loved attending thelectures of work and organisations systems with Prof. Keith Thomas. I wouldnever have thought that a model used in class would be adequate for real-lifeproblems and I use that model even now.

I also did not realise until then the importance of emotionalintelligence in leadership and this was emphasised in class again and again.

Has your MBA helpedyou achieve your goals?

My reason for studying a Master of Business Administration wasto have two years of study and fun, but at the same time to build thecapability to have different perspectives. I think I have achieved that.

What advice would yougive to students considering a MBA?

During my studies and my work experience as a career adviser, most of the students who are willing to pursue a MBA think thatit will make them managers upon completion. I do not agree with that. I thinkit provides the tools and the path to become a great leader, but in the end, itis the person who makes the difference.

Do the financialbenefits of an MBA outweigh the costs?

This might sound strange especially said by an economist,but I think it is very diminutive to analyse the benefits by looking at costsand gains. I think postgraduate study provides individuals with never endingvalue.

How did you choosethe right business school/institution for you?

I weighed the quality, focus, tuition fees, graduatesemployability and also the business magazine rankings, and I chose a VU MBAbecause that year it was ranked the number one MBA in CEO Magazine.

Anything else you’dlike to share about the experience?

I believe we are life-learners, so never stop learning andstudying.

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