Is it worth doing an MBA?

What do Nike co-founder Phil Knight and Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg have in common? Aside from being extremely successful in their respective roles, both studied a Master of Business Administration after years of industry experience. While an MBA doesn’t guarantee a senior position at one of the most recognisable companies on the planet, it can certainly be a great advantage in professional circles.

Unique networking opportunity

Regardless of how many years you have spent in the workforce, or how many different jobs you’ve held, you will be exposed to a new group of people when taking on an MBA. These individuals could hail from any professional background and will likely have different skillsets and perspectives on business. If you’re willing to be receptive, they may wind up being valuable resources.

Bolster your CV

Not only do you have the opportunity to learn a stack at business school but it is also a massive coup for your résumé. For those eager to propel themselves into a senior management position, it is common practice to pursue an MBA, as it can separate them from the rest of the pack (at least on paper).

Get out of your comfort zone

Whether you’re a recent university graduate with a bachelor degree and no work experience or a 30-year veteran of the financial sector, the MBA environment will be a departure from the norm. You will be mixing it with students from a variety of backgrounds and consequently be exposed to different streams of thought, even if you don’t agree with all of them.

Compare yourself with like-minded peers

Anyone who decides to study an MBA is naturally ambitious and the program provides a unique opportunity for students to assess their fellow pupils and see how they stack up. This is particularly useful for identifying areas for improvement and provides the chance to seek out advice. Who knows, you may possess a specific skill that another student is eager to ask you about for their own development.

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