Have you considered a side hustle?

Despite the millennial terminology, ‘side hustles’ have actually been around forever; generations prior simply called it ‘working two jobs’. However, it is not only the name that has changed. In the past, the purpose of doing some additional work on the side was predominately for the extra income, whereas in 2018, the side hustle offers this and so much more.

A side hustle can be closely aligned, perhaps a full-time graphic designer freelancing on their nights off, but it can also be something completely detached from your everyday job, such as an accountant driving Ubers on the weekend.

Beyond the obvious financial benefit, a side hustle can offer a creative outlet, a way to build a portfolio and the chance to upskill, as well as a sense of purpose only achievable when doing something you are genuinely passionate about.

Get creative

One of the best things about a side hustle is that it allows you to use your imagination. Whether it’s repairing guitars, building websites or guest blogging, you have the chance to stimulate your mind and get your creative juices flowing.

Develop a portfolio

With record numbers of people holding a university qualification, the job market is more competitive than ever and for many occupations, having a great portfolio is the best way to get ahead. For the likes of writers, designers and developers, it’s a win-win – you’re being paid to bolster your CV!

Hone your skillset

Utilising a side hustle to upskill is extremely valuable. A digital marketing graduate might want to improve in a specific area (perhaps MailChimp) and start practicing on a small scale by building email campaigns for small, local businesses.

Love what you do

If you have a hobby that you’re really passionate about, there might be an opportunity to turn it into a source of income. There is an immense sense of purpose and satisfaction that comes with being paid to do something you truly enjoy.

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