Earn a Master of FinTech degree and change your future

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Are you looking for a way to increase your value in the marketplace? Graduate education in financial technology could accomplish that goal, giving you a lucrative, fast-paced, and fulfilling career.

2020 has been a bumper year for Australia’s fintech startup ecosystem, with more than 100 fintechs added since September 2019. With more people opting to bank and shop online, spurring growth in the fintech sector, careers in financial technology are on the rise

Growth in blockchain and cryptocurrency fintech businesses have mirrored the growth of the technology sector, and neobanking, done outside of brick-and-mortar banks, is also increasing, KPMG reports.

Fintech jobs are not only plentiful; they’re high-paying, too. Financial technology jobs in Australia can bring in salaries of $130,000 and higher, according to Indeed.

Here are five reasons Good MBA Guide thinks earning a Master of Financial Technology degree now is a smart career move.

1. Become an expert

Now is the best time to enter the growing fintech sector by becoming an expert in financial technology. Once you earn your Master of Financial Technology degree, you will become the professional that financial technology companies turn to for innovation and leadership.

The best graduate fintech programs offer courses in business and finance, as well as training in innovative and disruptive technology. With a Master of Finance Technology degree, you will have the credentials and the expertise that will open doors to new opportunities.

As an added plus, a Master’s program isn’t very long. Completing a Master of Financial Technology degree will make graduates into fintech experts in only two years.

2. Higher earnings

Those who earn a Master of Financial Technology degree can expect to earn six figures or more annually, making them among the highest-paid professionals in Australia and beyond. Experts in the fintech sector are in demand and driving salaries upward, a trend that is expected to continue.

Among the top 10 list of highest-paying jobs in Australia for 2021, five involve either technology, finance, or both. Clearly, having expertise in finance and technology would lead to a lucrative career and increased business opportunities.

Likewise, about half of APAC respondents believe that they will see a pay increase this year. A quarter of all the participants in the survey are also expecting a bonus. Overall, fintech careers are highly desirable this year in the Asia-Pacific region.

3. Demand is up

The World Bank reports strong growth in the fintech sector worldwide. With growing companies in the areas of neobanking, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and more comes an increasing demand for experts to provide the innovation and insights needed for future advancement.

Additionally, Computer Weekly reports that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased demand for IT talent across the Asia-Pacific region as organisations must increase their digital offerings to tap new business opportunities.

The website Bankers by Day also calls the demand for fintech professionals ‘phenomenal’ and sees fintech and data science and analysis as areas of professional opportunity now and in years to come.

4. Future bright for fintech

The best indicator for future growth is the pattern of growth in past years. Trends of consumers turning more toward shopping, banking, and investing online point toward a bright future for fintech and the experts in financial technology employed in this exciting sector.

Fintech figures heavily into banking, investment, blockchain, and cryptocurrency businesses but also in multinational corporations that move funds by wire transfer. Following this trend, fintech will be an essential part of most business ventures in the future.

Trends show that Millennials and younger consumers are used to on-demand service in so many other areas will expect it in banking and investments, ensuring that the number of jobs in financial technology will increase.

5. You can study online

One of the best reasons to consider earning your Master of Financial Technology degree is that you can earn it online.

There’s no need to move to a university or quit your current job to earn your fintech master’s degree. Now you can advance in your career while balancing a job, family, and personal responsibilities by studying for your graduate degree in financial technology online.

The best online Master of Financial Technology programs offer challenging coursework and the high standards of in-person study in a format designed for busy professionals who are balancing work and personal responsibilities with their graduate studies.

In two years of online study, fintech graduate students can emerge as graduates of a Master of Financial Technology program and as experts in finance and innovation in a growing business sector in Australia and around the world. Holding a fintech degree will be a CV highlight and bankable professional credential.

Consider a Master of Financial Technology from UNSW Online

A Master of Financial Technology from UNSW Sydney is the gateway to a successful fintech career. Because this graduate degree in financial technology is 100 percent online, you could live anywhere in Australia, or anywhere in the world, and complete this degree while working full time.

Fintech employers are looking for the right blend of business, financial and technical skills to advance their companies. UNSW Sydney’s Master of Financial Technology program is designed to develop those skills. Your graduate studies will be provided by Australia’s top-ranked school of banking and finance, the UNSW Business School.

UNSW’s online graduate program in fintech provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the connections between finance and technology. Financial technology skills are honed across a range of graduate-level courses to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to lead in the dynamic and disruptive fintech sector.

While completely online, the two-year UNSW Sydney Master of Financial Technology program offers the same excellence and high standards experienced by on-campus students. It’s designed for busy working professionals who want to advance into a career in financial technology by investing in their education and training.

Entering the Master of Financial Technology program at UNSW Sydney could be the pivotal point of your career, leading to a lucrative and exciting fintech career. Find out more about the degree today and get started on the path to becoming a fintech expert!

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