Do you have one of the best jobs in Australia?

Some peoplelove what they do for work, some hate it but what do you think is the best jobin the country? It depends on how you define best; it might be salary, perks,development opportunities, the work-life balance or a multitude of otherfactors.

Or you couldcut out the middleman all together and check out Business Insider’s rundown of Indeed’s Best Jobs of 2018, a comprehensive list of the top 30roles based on demand. The rankings include average base salary, number ofpostings per million of jobs in 2017 and percentage of growth over the lastthree years.

If you werethinking about becoming a lead teacher, good choice! They were number one onthe list, earning $92,723 on average and in the last three years, have grown byan extraordinary 1,907 per cent. Full stack developer wasn’t far behind with a1,652 per cent boost, followed by senior landscape architect and regionalrecruiter, while court manager rounded out the top five.

Perhapssurprisingly due to its job title, technology assistant came in at number 11 withthe highest average salary ($141,738), with survey technician ($81,879) at theother end of the spectrum. Full stack developer led the way for postings permillion (2,740), while regional recruiter recorded just 45.

Three keyindustries featured strongly in the list, including tech (full stack developer,cloud engineer, IT security specialist), health and wellness (wellbeingmanagers, clinical lead nurse and maternity nurse) and construction (seniorlandscape architect, site engineer and survey technician).

Otherinsights included the shortage of tradespeople in Australia paving the way forthose who do enter the industry (builders, plumbers, electricians) to enjoylucrative careers, and the value of workers with skills related to datascience.                                                                                 

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